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Why Choose Fulcrum?
  • Impeccable Detail
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Strong Client Relationships
  • We Stand Behind Our Projects

When you begin looking for a custom builder you may find yourself overwhelmed with choice, information and design elements

We take pride in our work.

Customer satisfaction is our passion. We understand the importance that your finished home meets your needs as well as reflects your interests and individuality. Let Fulcrum Custom Builders bring your vision to reality.

Fulcrum Custom Builders has been helping people like you to realize their dream home, cottage or commercial project. Our reputation has been built on superior customer service, industry experience, quality of detail and premium building materials.

The Fulcrum team will guide you through the process, handling the paperwork associated with planning permits, technical aspects and most importantly, lend you a listening ear, because it is a partnership.

The Fulcrum Process – Bring Your Dream to Life


With every new project we start with a discovery session getting to know you, your vision, tastes and preferences. We listen for details that excite you and learn about your location. Next, we will provide feedback and you will learn about the dedicated services we provide and quality materials we use and recommend for your project. You will also have the opportunity to hear and meet some of our team members who will be part of your journey. We will offer up examples, photos and meet onsite at your project location (where possible). We will discuss your budget requirements, site considerations, and detail the process and payment schedule. We will conclude by developing potential timelines and confirming next steps.

The Design

Working with our architect or yours, you can establish your vision, needs and tastes ultimately bringing your project to life on paper. Ensuring that the site and your plans compliment each other will lend to landscape finishing. Permitting applications are prepared and you will view your plans and renderings.

The Contract

Once your design is approved and materials selected, we develop a final price on the complexity of the design. Once priced, you are presented with a detailed contract including the description of materials and services with general timelines.

The Drawings

After the contract is signed detailed drawings are presented. These drawings include elevations, structural plans, cross sections, framing plans, and all Building Code Certified. Blueprints are fully engineered.

Site Preparation

Once plans are approved and materials ordered, the site preparation at your location begins. Excavation, digging of the foundation, and concrete pouring is completed. Throughout construction you are invited to view each step as the project takes shape.

The Construction

From the foundation to roof trusses, walls, exterior finishes windows and doors; every aspect of your build is meticulously executed with precision. Construction timelines are dependent on the time of year as well as delivery dates for selected materials.


For most, the fun part. Selection of interior finishes, flooring, trim, lighting, faucets, and hardware are meticulously hand selected with the assistance of our expertise and advice.

The Dream

Your dream translated onto paper becomes a vision in reality. With precision and attention to detail capturing your wishes and tastes, your dream home has come to life. The Fulcrum team presents you with your home. Although we take a step back, we are never far away with the guarantee of our work.

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