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You have questions? Fulcrum Custom Builders has the answers.

Before diving into any project we want to make sure the client and custom builder working relationship is going to be a good fit. So feel free to ask questions before we start.

How much does it cost to build custom?

Residential and commercial construction costs vary per square foot depending on the size of your building project. It is important to have a clear idea of your must-haves and can-do-with-outs. The final costs will come down to selection of interior and exterior finishes.

What Should I Consider?

Understanding the general expenditures associated with design, permitting, surveys, geotechnical studies, all contribute to the overall project budget. Size, shape, finishes, and design all impact the cost of building. Costs of hiring an architect and engineer to design and draw up blueprints and schematics must be factored into your budget planning.

The Different Parts

The shell or frame can account for approximately a third of the total cost. Framing will include walls, doors, windows, and roofing. Focusing on quality materials to ensure durability and save on operating costs.

All the interior finishes account for another third of your total cost. Here is where you decide whether you want hardwood floors, stone, carpet, or tile. Understanding the building basics will help your budget for all the extras you may be able to add to your project.

Plumbing and heating will generally account for about 13% of the budget. Decisions such as central air and the kind of heating system you would like.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that are the most important in terms of functionality. The cost of a brand-new kitchen and new bathrooms depend on size, taste and finishes.


The cost of buying a vacant lot, or a developed property can vary significantly.

Your investment will include the initial purchase cost but will also influence how much you spend on the build or renovation. Build or renovate a property that will appreciate over time and maximize your equity.

Inspections and Permits

Inspections and permits required for your project will be taken care of by the Fulcrum team. This is where the experience of your building team comes into play handling the necessary paperwork to ensure your project moves ahead.

Details That Affect Cost

The cost of your project greatly depends on you. Our job is to bring your vision on paper to reality. Additional details that will affect how much your home will cost include:


The larger the square footage, the more your custom home or cottage property will cost.

Number of Stories

An attic or basement will do more than adding to the design cost. Structural adjustments will be necessary, which will add to the framing cost as well as foundation and support.


Architectural shingles or metal present a wide variety of choice, style and durability.

Finishes and Fixtures

Finishes and fixtures in each room are customized based on your taste and budget. In the kitchen, countertops for durability and elegance. Lighting fixtures for drama and hardware for style.

Dream List

These are the items such as heated floors, swimming pool, sauna, or a wine cellar.

Step by Step Process

From figuring out your budget, timeline, preparing for each step to the final walk through and delivery of the keys, finding the right team of people to go with you on this monumental journey is key to a positive experience.

Step 1: Budget

Knowing what you must spend on the necessities and what extra you have to play with can be the difference between an efficient home build and a stressful one. A solid budget will ensure there are no surprises.

Step 2: Property

Location will impact what you build, including your required level of investment and how much that will appreciate over time. Considerations may include local amenities within distance, and possibly the value of surrounding properties. Are there any additional permits you need to be aware of?

Step 3: Preferences

Develop a sense of how big is it? How many rooms? What kind of rooms? What kind of style?

Step 4: Design

You have compiled a list of things you want. Find out what is feasible, what it will cost and what repercussions there are for changes made later as well as when the absolute latest that any changes are allowed.

Step 5: The Builder

This is someone you will be working closely with for the next 8-12 months (or more) and with whom you will develop a relationship of trust. You need a partner to prioritize your needs, concerns, and details. A strong communicator who will keep to your design, finishes, budget and schedule.

Step 6: Financing

Finding out which will work best for you and your unique financial situation is important.

Step 7: Construction

Weather, inspections and permits can delay construction. Having a builder who has a handle on all these items is a lifesaver.

Step 8: Move In!

When the dust settles and construction is finished, you will do a walk-through. Discover how this space you have made uniquely yours. It is the place you get to call home.

Let’s Make It Happen

Thinking about your home, cottage or commercial project? At Fulcrum Custom Builders we recognize this is a big investment and you can trust we will guide you through every step as a trusted resource, with informed recommendations and answers to every question. The Fulcrum team is excited to hear about your vision and how we can work together to turn it into a reality. Contact us today. We can discuss how we can best serve you in your custom home, cottage or commercial project.